God is too good and life is too special
to let money hold you back.

God is too good and life is too special to let money hold you back.

Get equipped so you can steward wisely and live faithfully.

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Living as a faithful steward

is the goal, but

money and its influence is

an ever-present battle.

Friends, can you relate?

You struggle with discontent and comparison

You can't recall the last time you prayed about your finances

Budgeting is either haphazard or nonexistent

Money is a source of tension or frustration in your marriage

You lack discipline around spending, saving, or giving

At Smarter Stewardship, we’re here to equip you to

use money wisely and live a joyful, peaceful, and faithful life.

Meet your guide, John Putnam

Strategic Coach, Author, Speaker, Business
& Ministry Entrepreneur

Hi, I’m John, founder of Smarter Stewardship. Whether you have a lot or a little, how you approach your money affects your relationship with God, your spouse, and the good works God has entrusted you to do on this earth. The resources, courses, and podcasts I’ve created will help you to make lasting change and live with more faithfulness, joy, and peace in all areas of your life.

You need more than a budget or a list of rules about money. You need a proven framework and resources to get to the underlying beliefs and habits that sabotage your ability to be faithful stewards of all God has entrusted to you.


Kind Words from Friends Like You

"John does a great job at carving out a unique space in the faith and finance world...moving deep into the heart to get to the issues behind the issues, and move to real lasting change."

- Pastor Scott in AZ

"I would encourage any pastor... you need to understand this [He Spends She Spends] is something different... it is laid out beautifully... and chapter by chapter you are led into the arms of the Lord."

- Pastor Reggie in NC

"This book [He Spends She Spends] helped us get to the root of what is in our heart and took us deeper."

- Kevin and Aly

"The gloom and doom that used to surround our financial discussions and decision-making is largely gone... and He Spends She Spends that little book, has helped us."

- Ben and Anna

You CAN Redeem Your Finances...but it's not easy.

When you learn about money in today’s world, have you noticed there’s an…


...on financial tips, tools and tactics for your money?


...on the spiritual truth and practices of faithful stewardship?

LITTLE/NO emphasis

...on the personal habits and attitudes around money that you live out every day?

At Smarter Stewardship, we’re here to equip you with the practical financial perspectives, the spiritual practices, and the beliefs and behaviors that help you live a joyful and faithful life.

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