Be Part of the 8% That Achieves New Year’s Goals


Did you know that according to research in an Inc. Magazine article, 92% of New Year’s goals setters, never achieve their goals, but wouldn’t you want to be part of the 8% that DOES? 🙂

Achieving our goals is an important part of living a faithful life. From financial goals, to personal and professional aspirations, we all have dreams that we want to achieve. However, achieving them is not always easy, and research has shown that as many as 92% of New Year’s goal-setters never actually fulfill them…but. that doesn’t have to be you!

So, how can we increase our chances of success and ensure that we can achieve the goals that we set for ourselves? One fundamental way is by utilizing the power of three “superchargers” of goal setting: vision, mission, and values.

The Three Superchargers to Achieve Your Goals

The three superchargers are a proven method to greatly increase the probability of following through with any goals you set yourself. The best part is that they can be straightforward to apply, and you can implement them immediately. 

These are the three superchargers:

1 – Set the vision

The vision means having a clear understanding of what it is that we want to achieve and why it is important to us. Whether it’s becoming financially secure, building a successful business, or making a positive impact in our community, having a clear and motivating vision can keep us focused and motivated as we work towards our goals.

2 – Set the mission

The mission outlines the steps, or the plans, to reach our goals and it can help keep us on track and ensure that we are working towards something meaningful and impactful. When your goals support your mission, you are building a strong partnership that works powerfully together.

3 – Set the values

By creating our core values, those principles we hold most dear that makes us who we are, we can increase the opportunity to be the true and authentic person we desire most to be. This, combined with our mission and vision, can help us stay focused, motivated and committed, even when the going gets tough.

Embrace the Challenge

Ultimately, achieving our goals requires a combination of intentionality, dedication and faith.

By setting a clear vision, establishing a mission, and creating our values, we can increase our chances of success and make sure that we can achieve the things that are most important to us…and “oh, by the way…also important to God.

So, let’s embrace the challenge and strive towards goal achievement, knowing that with determination and a clear purpose, so much is possible. You can learn more life-changing lessons by tuning in to Change For Your Dollar, a podcast of coaching and courses about living a bold and faithful life using money as a tool with God as your guide!

Join me the next three weeks as we dig into one of these superchargers each week!

John Putnam