99 – Overcome Bible and Prayer Inconsistency with The Five 5s


In this episode, I’m diving into a powerful and practical approach that can transform not just your finances, but every aspect of your life. It’s a journey to deepen your relationship with God and enhance your daily existence. Join me as I explore “The Five 5’s” framework – dedicating just five minutes a day to four meaningful activities for five days. By consistently engaging in these activities, you’ll witness positive shifts in your mindset, your heartset, and your relationship with God, with those around you and the choices you make. Discover how aligning with God and His truth can lead to transformative change with your money and in all areas of your life.

In this episode, John discusses:

  • A practical guide for sparking financial and spiritual growth
  • Unlocking the power of daily habits with The Five 5’s method for financial transformation
  • The spiritual link between your finances and daily decision-making
  • The impact of consistency and how it can transform your financial life and more

Key Takeaways:

  • Your money is intertwined with most aspects of your life, and understanding the underlying motives driving your choices is essential for true transformation.
  • Implementing “The Five 5’s” framework as a short-term challenge – five minutes of Bible reading, five minutes of prayer, five minutes of listening, and five ‘thank-yous’ for five days – can not only spark profound changes, but profound habits
  • Consistency in engaging with scripture leads to higher levels of hope and a more positive mindset, as revealed by the American Bible Society’s report.
  • By dedicating just five minutes a day to each of “The Five 5’s”, you can experience a positive shift in your mindset and heart, leading to a closer relationship with God and transformative effects in all areas of your life.

“My real hope Is that this simple model is just a spark that is not formulaic. It doesn’t drop you into some sort of legalistic model, but it’s just a spark to create these daily habits. That even after a few days or five days, this becomes part of your daily life and the ripple effects of this will not only flow through your financial life, but every other part of your life as well.”

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