95 – 4 Prompts Can Help You Decide Where to Give


Where should I give?

It’s a question I’ve heard repeatedly and I’m excited to explore a simple framework of four prompts that can spark your giving decisions. Each prompt resonates at the core of generosity, helping you transform lives and contribute to a greater story. While simple and straightforward, they have the power to reshape your giving journey and bring a deeper sense of purpose and impact. Tune in as we explore these prompts and find meaningful ways to channel our resources for impact!

In this episode, John discusses:

  • Intentional and impactful charitable giving
  • The power of charitable giving to bring joy and purpose to your lives
  • Ideas for common dilemma of where to allocate charitable resources
  • Four key prompts to help you determine where to give

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to transform your giving journey by embracing a simple yet powerful framework that aligns your generosity with God’s intentions, ensuring meaningful impact and lasting joy.
  • Discover the essence of purposeful giving through these four prompts: Engage your mind in discernment, your heart in compassion, your history in personal connection, and your faith in God’s redemptive narrative.
  • Embrace these four transformative prompts that can shift your giving from random and haphazard to intentional and fulfilling, allowing you to make a purposeful difference aligned with your faith and values.
  • “As base a thing as money often is, yet it can be transmuted into everlasting treasure. It can be converted into food for the hungry and clothing for the poor. Any temporal possession can be turned into everlasting wealth. Whatever is given to Christ is immediately touched with immortality.” A.W. Tozer

“The prompts I shared today, I believe honor God, bring transformation to lives, and contribute to the unfolding story of His kingdom. And as you give, remember that each act of generosity is a partnership with God in His work of redemption and restoration. I pray that as you consider where you give, you would feel His presence, His power, and His pleasure. You would feel God smiling as He watches you at every step of your growing giving journey.”

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