92 – How a Handful of Rice Changed a Church (and you can do it, too!)


What if the power to change the world was in the palm of your hand?

In this episode, we’re exploring the incredible impact of a simple act of giving and how it can transform lives. Inspired by the inspiring story of a small village in India, I delve into the profound significance of generosity and worshiping God through our giving. Proverbs [31:20] serves as our anchor, guiding us to open our hands and reach out to those in need. Join me as we embrace the “handful challenge” and witness the worshipful handiwork that can change lives for God’s glory!

In this episode, John discusses:

  • Exploring the amazing abilities of human hands
  • How small gifts can create a massive impact
  • Transforming lives with a handful of rice in a village in India
  • Proverbs [31:20] – Opening hands to the needy

Key Takeaways:

  • Inspired by Proverbs [31:20], a village in Mizoram, India, embraced biblical generosity by sacrificially offering a handful of rice at each meal, resulting in over $1 million in financial support for their church, proving that simple acts of giving can yield a profound impact.
  • A simple act of generosity, like offering a handful of rice, can lead to remarkable results and empower communities to worship God together.
  • Embracing the “Handful Challenge” by setting aside a symbolic handful of our resources, as a family or individually, can create a powerful expression of worship and generosity, making a significant difference in the lives of others and glorifying God.

“Set aside your handful of rice at each meal on each day. And as your eyes are open to the needs of others, and your mind is open to this idea, and your heart is open to the spirit, and your hand is open to grab a handful of the resources that you have, just like in Mizoram, there will be a big pile of worship released for God’s glory.”

VIDEO – A Handful of Rice:

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