91 – How Your LITTLE Gift Can Make BIG Impact!


Do you ever wonder if a little gift even matters?

I dive into a powerful story today that reminds us of the incredible impact we can make with what’s in our hands – just like “Saint” Jean Webster, who started an inspiring ministry of faith and stewardship from a simple offering she had. I’ll explore how her story connects to the Bible verse of John 6:5-12, where Jesus feeds the 5,000. In our daily lives, when we may feel inadequate or lacking resources, remember that God can do remarkable things with just a little, when we let Him. Let these incredible outcomes encourage and empower you to believe as you trust Him with what’s in your hands!

In this episode, John discusses:

  • The impact of simple acts of kindness and generosity in challenging times.
  • The story of “Saint” Jean’s ministry and the lessons from feeding the 5,000 (John 6:5-12).
  • Embracing the inadequacy of resources and trusting God’s multiplication.
  • Learning to trust God’s hands and multiply the impact of our resources when serving others in need.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be a faithful steward of the resources in your hands, no matter how small, and trust in God’s ability to multiply your efforts for His impact.
  • Just like “Saint” Jean, use what you have in your hands, whether it’s money, time, or resources, and offer it in service to others, trusting that God can use it for remarkable outcomes.
  • When faced with a need, don’t be discouraged by what may seem like limited resources; instead, let go of what you have and trust that God can work with it beyond your understanding.
  • Allow yourself to be amazed by God’s blessings and multiplication when you offer your simple offerings to Him and watch as He transforms and blesses the lives of others through your actions.

“Look around to see where there may be a need, a situation, or a person. Then, look and see what you have in your hands. It could be your money, a resource, a tool, your influence, or a phone call. Whatever it may be, take what you have and offer it to God in service to others. Then, watch Him do so much.”

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