87 – 4 Keys to Replace Striving with Thriving


Are you ready to replace your striving with thriving?

I take a moment today to reflect on a childhood memory from the farm—a time of beauty and growth. Amidst all the beauty, there was a plant that my father did NOT want in his fields, but it teaches us a valuable lesson about striving and thriving. Drawing inspiration from Matthew [6:26]-29, I explore the significance of effortless growth and being and how it relates to our financial stewardship. Join us as we participate in God’s transformative work!

In this episode, John discusses:

  • Exploring an encouraging approach to life and finances by replacing striving with thriving
  • Lessons in thriving from nature through the story of a “yellow weed”
  • Four key takeaways in wise financial stewardship
  • The transformative impact of wildflowers and financial stewardship in our daily lives

Key Takeaways:

  • Replace the struggle of striving with the flourishing of thriving by centering your attention on the source of growth and cultivating a proper relationship with Jesus, mirroring the carefree grace of the lilies in the field.
  • Concentrate on our heavenly Father and stay focused on Him rather than solely on your circumstances to experience spiritual growth and be unexpectedly impactful, molding and shaping lives like the stars in the sky and the lilies of the field.
  • Four key takeaways in wise financial stewardship: Trusting in God’s provision, practicing simplicity and contentment, seeking God’s kingdom, and making an unconscious impact through faithful stewardship.
  • Let the beauty of wildflowers remind you to shift your focus from anxieties about material possessions and circumstances to trusting in our heavenly Father, who knows your needs and will provide for you.

When we are faithful in our financial stewardship and we make better money choices that are aligned and guided in our faith and God’s truth and his wisdom, it has a ripple effect. People see it, our families see it, our friends see it, and we can positively influence others and advance God’s kingdom.” – John Putnam

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John Putnam