86 – 3 Tips to Energize your Money Goals


TIme to energize your money goals!

Do you know the story of Derek Redmond, the runner in the 1992 Olympics who overcame adversity with his father’s help? In the same way, there is help for you to achieve your faithful financial stewardship goals. I’ll share three tips to keep you energized and encouraged on your financial goal achievement. Keep on track with your goals and remember that you’re not alone in achieving them. You can do this!

In this episode, John discusses:

  • Encouragement and biblical wisdom for achieving financial goals
  • Lessons for financial stewardship from the inspirational story of Derek Redmond
  • Overcoming challenges in pursuit of long-term financial objectives
  • Three tips for staying motivated and seeking help on your financial journey

Key Takeaways:

  • The story of Derek Redmond and his father’s unwavering support serves as a powerful reminder that even when we encounter setbacks and challenges, our heavenly Father is always by our side, guiding us toward our financial aspirations.
  • To stay motivated and focused on long-term financial objectives, reinforce your daily spiritual disciplines, remember your why, and ask for help from an accountability partner or money buddy.
  • When you incorporate spiritual practices, find your true purpose again, and reach out for support in overcoming challenges and achieving your goals, it becomes smoother to navigate the challenging middle phase of your financial journey.
  • Experiencing setbacks and hurdles is a natural part of the path of financial stewardship, yet with the God’s comforting presence and strength, you can stay resilient and steadily advance towards your wise and faithful financial goals.

Stay in the game. The finish line is there, you can do it. So reinforce those daily spiritual disciplines.

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