85 – Finding Calm in a Financial Storm


Financial storms and uncertainty are real and can evoke fear and doubt. But, how does fear affect us and how do we navigate through these storms? It’s normal to feel fear during our own financial uncertainties and turbulent times. However, are we allowing negative fear to consume us, or are we harnessing fear to focus our resources and plan wisely? In this episode, I take inspiration from a story set in the tempestuous Sea of Galilee, where Jesus and his disciples faced a raging storm. Let us remember that Jesus calls us to not fear, and we can find solace in his presence and grace.In this episode, John discusses:● Trusting Jesus’ care amidst financial and real storms

● How our response to fear in times of uncertainty can shape our decisions

● Drawing insights from the disciples’ experience on the Sea of Galilee (Mark [4:35]-41)

● Embracing the presence of Jesus as a source of comfort and strength during financial hardships

Key Takeaways:
● When the disciples asked Jesus amidst the storm, “Don’t you care if we drown?”, it exposed their underlying doubts about Jesus’ care and love, a question that frequently troubles us during difficult times.

● Reflecting on the storm Jesus and the disciples faced, we find parallels in current financial uncertainty, reminding us to confront our fears, trust in Jesus’ care, and navigate through the impending tough times with faith.

● Throughout history, humanity has weathered numerous storms, demonstrating our resilience in the face of adversity, and it is essential to acknowledge and anticipate our ability to overcome the challenges of the present.

● Fear can either paralyze us or sharpen our focus; by harnessing fear in a positive way, we can make thoughtful decisions, conserve resources, and plan effectively, finding strength in our faith and the presence of Jesus.“Whether the storm is mild or rough, Jesus is in the boat with you. He cares about you. He wants what’s best for you, and you know that he loves you, and he asks us to do not fear.”

John Putnam

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