84 – What is YOUR money tendency


What happens when you “hold a dollar in your hand”? When you’re faced with a financial decision? What to do?

Today, I reflect on an old story in the context of five general money tendencies. We’ll dive into them and how they relate to our faith and finances. Each of us has our own mix of these tendencies, but ultimately, relying on the influence of God’s truth and faithful actions are the key to wise stewardship!

In this episode, John discusses:

● Exploring the five general money tendencies

● Navigating the relationship between faith and finances

● Lessons on perception and money tendencies from “The Blind Men and the Elephant”

● The power of being a wise and faithful steward of our money and lives

Key Takeaways:

● Exploring the relationship between faith and finances requires finding a balance between over-simplification and over-complication, acknowledging the complexities while seeking simplicity
● Reflecting on “The Blind Men and the Elephant” story, it becomes evident that diverse perspectives on money, like the blind men’s views of the elephant, can lead to both partial truths and misunderstandings, emphasizing the need for a nuanced conversation on faith and finances.
● Understanding your money tendencies can provide valuable insights into your financial behavior: are you a giver, spender, saver, builder, or planner when you hold money in your hands? Recognizing your primary instinct can help shape your financial decisions.
● Embracing our role as faithful stewards and followers of Jesus in handling our money and all areas of our lives allows us to unlock our greatest potential for success and wise decision-making.

Whenever we hold dollars in our hands, just like in any other area of our lives, our first tendency should be to follow Jesus. This gives us the greatest chance for success, allowing us to be wise, smart, and faithful stewards not only of our money but also of our lives and the opportunities he puts in our paths.John Putnam

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