83- Vacation Maximization – 5 Tips for how to stay ‘present’ on vacation


Have you ever been ON vacation, but not AT vacation? We’ve all been there. It can take days to let go of our daily routines and truly embrace the joy of being away. I’m here to help with five INVALUABLE tips to help you stay present during your vacation. A vacation should be more than just a break from work; it should be a rejuvenating and restful time that leaves you feeling clear-minded and ready to tackle anything upon your return. As we wrap up this series, I hope these insights and recommendations have resonated with you, inspiring a spiritual connection and a renewed focus on making your vacation truly extraordinary. So let’s dive in and discover how you can position yourself for the BEST vacation experience yet!

In this episode, John discusses:
● Five tips for maximizing and being present on your vacation
● The transformative power of embracing a mindset of gratitude and joy during vacations (Psalm 1[18:24])
● Reflecting on the Vacation Maximization series: Setting expectations, preparation, family focus, and being present each day
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Key Takeaways:
● Maximize your vacation by prioritizing God, starting each day with prayer, disconnecting from work, being flexible, and staying financially present.
● If at all possible, don’t let work sneak into your vacation—be present and maximize every moment of rest and rejuvenation to return clear-minded and ready to tackle your tasks with joy.
● Embrace each day of your vacation with a grateful and joyful mindset, rejoicing in the blessings of rest and rejuvenation that come from being fully present. (Psalm 1[18:24])
● Immerse yourself in this Vacation Maximization series to center your vacation around God, set expectations, prepare diligently, be present, and experience the blessings of your best vacation ever. “My prayer for you is that before your vacation, on your vacation, and even when you get back from your vacation, that you would be closer to God, closer with each other, and have experienced the blessing of your best vacation ever.– John Putnam

Resources Mentioned:
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