78-3 Steps to Help you NOT Fool Yourself

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You’re likely guilty of our topic today – fooling yourself. It means deceiving or tricking yourself to do something, or not to do something. I’m going to share how it happens and how to avoid it in three intentional steps rooted in scripture. I will draw your attention to James [1:22]-25 and a little analogy in the middle that talks about a man, his face and a mirror and a very short memory!

In this episode, John discusses: 
●      Understanding and overcoming the pitfalls of self-deception
●      The importance of reinforcing learning to retain information
●      Biblical wisdom for making wise financial decisions
●      The Three Scriptural Steps for Activating Your Faith 

Key Takeaways:
●      Fooling oneself is a real problem, and can occur in anyone, but by being a doer of the word and not just a hearer, one can avoid deception and grow in their faith, particularly when it comes to their financial choices.
●      James [1:22]-25 highlights the issue of forgetting, which is not a new problem, as psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered in his groundbreaking 1885 research on memory and the forgetting curve.
●      Three scriptural steps for activating your faith: introduce repetition (Joshua 1:8), utilize a variety of resources in learning (Philippians 4:9), and put it into practice (James [2:14]-17).
●      Pick one scripture and use one of the three steps to make it a reality in your life.

“We have a tendency to read something, see something, learn something, and if it’s not reinforced, we can forget it.”
–       John Putnam

Resources Mentioned:
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●      Free Supercharger Worksheets

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