77-Can you Spot a Counterfeit?


Counterfeits are all around us. If you had the choice, would you build on rock or sand? This biblical lesson highlights the significance of building upon what will last in good weather and bad vs. building on what’s the easiest and most convenient that promises stability, but can’t deliver it. And a lesson around counterfeit money and true currency draws an interesting parallel to identifying what is solid and secure versus fake and shifting in your financial life. In this episode, John, discusses:  ●      The importance of a strong financial foundation ●      The Secret Service and their role in preventing financial counterfeiting ●      Identifying counterfeit currency through studying real currency ●      Building on rock vs. sand (Matthew [7:24]-27) ●      Applying biblical wisdom in creating a stable financial future and weathering financial storms  Key Takeaways: ●      The Secret Service oversees counterfeit money investigation and protection in the US, and it was established in 1865 to suppress widespread counterfeit during the Civil War. ●      To identify counterfeit money, the Secret Service studies real currency to best spot a fake. The best counterfeits look the most like the real thing, making them difficult to spot. ●      Matthew [7:24]-27 talks about building a house on a rock versus building a house on sand, with the former being solid and secure and the latter being fake and shifting. ●      Adhering to basic financial principles based on biblical truths can help you create a strong foundation and weather financial storms. ●      Building on financial sand by not following these principles will lead to financial uncertainty and instability. “Jesus’ words are Jesus, they’re life, they’re truth, they’re power. So when you hear his words and you put them into use, you are building on rock; you’re building on the real thing and you’re giving yourself the best chance to build a financial house that will stand not only in good weather, but in any financial storm.” –       John Putnam Resources Mentioned: ●      Get your free “Get Recession Ready” mini-course at https://changeforyourdollar.com/ Let’s continue the conversation! Connect to Smarter Stewardship at https://smarterstewardship.com/ and gain access to resources that will help you stay in the loop for resources that will actively help you shape your financial future. If you’re interested in growing in your faith, wealth, and life, visit  https://changeforyourdollar.com/ for all the tools you need from coaching and speaking to my latest book, He Spends, She Spends! If this blessed you today, please Subscribe, Leave a Review, and Share with someone who you believe will benefit from this message. Contact John: Website: https://changeforyourdollar.com/ Website: https://smarterstewarship.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/smarterstewardship Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/smarterstewardship

John Putnam