75-Leverage the Power Your Financial Focus


Where is your attention today? Have you ever found yourself scrolling away on your phone, only to realize that you’ve missed out on the beauty around you? I certainly have. In a world where we’re constantly bombarded by information and stimuli, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters. I’ve realized the importance of selective attention in managing finances and staying grounded. It boils down to this: what are you gazing at, and what are you glancing at? In this episode, I share impactful insights on practicing selective attention to help you navigate financial uncertainty and achieve a greater sense of financial focus and peace. Dive in as we continue to tackle the problem of economic uncertainty by harnessing the power of selective attention!  [00:01][04:46] Where Your Attention is Being Drawn to • How our attention can be drawn into places it shouldn’t be • The beach walkers: putting your attention in the wrong places • Romans 8:5 – Set your minds on things of the spirit. [04:47][10:04] The Importance of Selective Attention with our Money • Selective attention is the act of focusing on a particular object while ignoring distractions • It allows us to focus on what is relevant and ignore what is not • In financial uncertainty, we tend to over-focus and under-focus [10:05][13:50] Biblical insights on our Attention • Proverbs 23:4-5 warns against toiling to acquire wealth  • Wealth is fleeting and only worth our glance, but God is worth our gaze • How to keep your focus on the right things  Quotes: “For those who live according to the flesh, set their minds on the things of the flesh. But those who live according to the spirit set their minds on the things of the spirit.” – Romans 8:5 “So often we can tend to gaze at what we should glance at, and only glance at what we should gaze at.” “Wealth is fleeting. At best, wealth is worth our glance, but God is worth our gaze.” Resources Mentioned:  ●      GET RECESSION READY – Free mini-course and workbook   ●      Study.com Selective Attention If you’re interested in growing in your faith, wealth, and life, visit  https://changeforyourdollar.com/ for all the tools you need from coaching and speaking to my latest book, He Spends, She Spends! Let’s continue the conversation! Connect to Smarter Stewardship at https://smarterstewardship.com/ and gain access to resources that will help you stay in the loop for resources that will actively help you shape your financial future. If this blessed you today, please Subscribe, Leave a Review, and Share with someone who you believe will benefit from this message!

John Putnam