74-Tips for Self-control in Financial Uncertainty


Recession…financial uncertainty…as scary as the words may seem, I believe that you can successfully take actions that sets you up to conquer financial uncertainty. That’s why, in this episode, we’re going to focus on the value of self-control in our finances. We’ll tap into the example of legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson and how courage and self-control can turn the tide. This conversation serves as a reminder that although some things are out of our control, like stock market volatility, rising inflation, and rising interest rates, we can still take action to minimize their impact on our lives.  Join me and let’s explore what it means to be ‘recession ready’ starting with self-control! [00:01][04:55] Jackie Robinson Makes History in 1947 • Get Recession Ready – Free Course  • Significance of the movie “42,” the Jackie Robinson story • The power of self-control [04:56][09:08] The Journey to Self-Control • 2 Timothy 1:7 • Putting major economic issues into focus with the perspective of controlling our finances • Comparing your controls to your UN-controllables [09:09][10:22] Taking Control of Uncontrollable Situations: Stock Market Volatility, Inflation, and Rising Interest Rates • Takeaways for today • Remember you have the spirit of power, love, and self-control Quotes: “We want to be focusing on that great life, that best life that God has for us, and using money as a tool rather than a goal. And what that difference in perspective makes.” “You cannot control stock market volatility, but you can control your actions in response to stock market volatility.”  Resources Mentioned:  – FREE mini-course! Get Recession Ready  If you’re interested in growing in your faith, wealth, and life, visit  https://changeforyourdollar.com/ for all the tools you need from my coaching, speaking and my latest book, He Spends, She Spends! Let’s continue the conversation! Connect to Smarter Stewardship at https://smarterstewardship.com/ and gain access to resources that will help you stay in the loop for resources that will actively help you shape your faithful financial future. If this blessed you today, please Subscribe, Leave a Review, and Share with someone who you believe will benefit from this message!

John Putnam