#65 – SET YOUR VISION – #2 of 4-part Series to Supercharge your Goal Achievement

Martin Luther King, Jr. said “I HAVE A DREAM!!”…not I HAVE A PLAN!

BIG visions inspire us to achieve more and achieve better than we would without the vision. If achieving goals was easy, everyone would be doing it…but that’s not what’s been happening – and so much of it starts with a lack of vision. In Proverbs 29, it reads “where there is no vision, people perish.” – that’s because there is no clear destination…so we can wander aimlessly with our finances – that’s why we need VISION. It’s time to stand in the future, look around, and describe what you see. 

Tune in now to supercharge your goal-setting, starting with casting financial vision and learning how to get access to new resources to help you realize that vision. 

[00:01 – 04:55] Goal Setting Vs. Goal Achievement

• I recap what we learned in our last episode

• Goal setting and goal achievement are two different issues but related

• Goal superchargers (vision, mission, values) can help improve goal achievement

• These strategies only work if you put in time, effort, and faith

[04:56 – 08:46] Addressing the Drifting in Your Financial Life

• You never drift to a destination of your own choosing

• Don’t be surprised if you start drifting if you haven’t set a financial vision 

• Martin Luther King taught us that big visions inspire us to achieve more

• Proverbs 29 states that without a vision, people will perish

• Three fundamental superchargers of goal setting

[08:47 – 17:47] 3 Simple Steps to Casting Vision

• Step 1: Stand in the future 

• Step 2: Look all around you

• Step 3: Describe what you see

• I give an example of what happens when you master these three steps

• Step into the future, look around, and describe what you see to create a compelling vision

• Set the steps to get to your vision – you can start by going to changeforyourdollar.com 

• A new resource to help you on your financial journey – https://smarterstewardship.com/ 


“You never drift to a destination of your own choosing.”

“It takes time, prayer, and discussion to set your vision well and even more courage to maintain the focus and the commitment when you try to make it a reality.” – John Putnam

Resources Mentioned: 

Let’s continue the conversation! Connect to Smarter Stewardship on https://smarterstewardship.com/ and gain access to resources that will help you stay in the loop for resources that will actively help you shape your financial future.

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