107 – 10 Wise Tips for ‘Black Friday’ Weekend


Black Friday BIG deals need BIG wisdom!

The term “Black Friday” originated from the retail practice of moving from the red (loss) to the black (profit). Today, it symbolizes a retail marker for retail sales success and a shopping marker for 92% of consumers expected to engage in Christmas shopping! In this episode, I’m delving into 10 wise tips of shopping wisdom, each aiming to faithfully guide you through the bustling holiday shopping landscape. So, join me as we navigate this season with intentionality and stewardship.

In this episode, John discusses:

  • Navigating the early holiday shopping flurry
  • Decoding the holiday shopping landscape
  • 10 tips for wisely managing your Christmas shopping

Key Takeaways:

  • The holiday season seems to start earlier every year, with early Black Friday deals and Christmas decorations hitting stores right after Halloween, but understanding the historical significance of Thanksgiving and Black Friday sheds light on this trend.
  • Despite the early start to holiday shopping, statistics from the National Retail Federation reveal that 92 percent of consumers are estimated to participate.
  • To navigate the Christmas shopping season successfully, it’s crucial to follow 10 wise tips you need to know – and it’s much more than just budgets and lists.
  • As consumers gear up for holiday shopping, it’s heartening to note that 69 percent prioritize gifts for loved ones, reflecting a thoughtful approach to the season of giving.

“As you are shopping for those that you love and care for, as you are being generous to those in need this holiday season, may these ten tips serve you well as you are wise and faithful in your financial stewardship.”

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