106 – 5 Clues Wealth may be Weighing Down your Faith and 4 Steps to Help


Could your wealth actually be ‘weighing down’ your faith?

Like backpacking ratios, managing wealth has its own set of balances, yet there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. In this episode, I reflect on Proverbs 30:7-9, a prayer that seeks the right balance of wealth and perspective. Together, we’ll explore signs that indicate if the weight of your wealth is becoming burdensome and discuss practical steps to find equilibrium. There’s no fixed ratio, but by trusting in God’s wisdom and following these steps, you can find the right balance for our wealth.

In this episode, John discusses:

  • ‘Backpacking 101’ and managing wealth parallels
  • Balancing wealth and spiritual well-being
  • Recognizing the warning signs of wealth-related stress and strain
  • Practical steps to ensure your riches don’t become a burden

Key Takeaways:

  • Managing wealth is like carrying a backpack – the ‘weight’ matters and individuals have different capacities based on their circumstances and character.
  • Identifying signs of financial strain, such as over-focus on money, decreasing generosity, constant worry about wealth, and hyper-consumerism, can indicate that the weight of wealth is becoming burdensome.
  • Striving for a balanced approach to wealth, individuals should pray for wisdom, share their burdens with others, give generously, and be aware of warning signs, ultimately seeking the right balance with God’s guidance.

“If you begin to feel a ‘wealth hotspot’, if you begin to feel financial strain in your life from the wealth that you have…there may be strain in your friendships, strain in your marriage, strain in your family, strain at work, whatever it may be…as soon as you feel this ‘wealth hotspot’ forming, stop immediately and deal with it.”
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