105 – How to Master your ‘Money MO’ – part 2


Ever wondered why conflicts arise in financial discussions?

It’s often because your Money MOs clash with your personal goals or each other. Welcome back to the second part of our two-part episode on understanding your Money MOs.

In this episode, we’re exploring how understanding these differences and taking clear steps, can lead to unity, clarity, and confidence in managing your money choices and aligning your Money MOs with God’s larger story. So, let’s embark on this part of your journey together and find strength in your uniqueness.

In this episode, John discusses:

  • Navigating financial harmony in relationships
  • Strengthening marital bonds through financial communication
  • Embracing uniqueness in financial approaches for spiritual growth
  • Leveraging money M.O.s for harmonious relationships and wise stewardship

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding and embracing your unique money modus operandi (MO) – spender, saver, investor, planner, or giver – can enhance stewardship success and financial harmony and bring you closer to your financial goals.
  • Identifying and appreciating the complements and conflicts between different money MOs is key to productive conversations about money in relationships.
  • Effective financial conversations involve regular meetings, open communication, and shared prayers, ultimately leading to more unity, clarity, and less financial conflict.
  • Ephesians [4:11]-16 underscores the importance of unity and growth in faith within a community, and aligning your money MO with God’s larger plan for your life is a way to achieve this.

“When you are pursuing wise and faithful stewardship through prayer about being a part of God’s larger story, your differences can be strengths when they’re joined together in faith and wisdom. And when you put all these together — the meeting, the conversation, and the prayer, my friends — let me tell you, you will find more joy, more unity, more clarity, more confidence, and less conflict.”

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