102 – 2 Ways Your Current Money Choices Can Keep you From Making your BEST Money Choices – Part 2


Welcome back to the second half of a two-part series, where we delve deep into the intricate relationship between how your current money choices can get in the way of your best money choices. In our last episode, we explored the idea that our current financial decisions might be leading us away from our goals, rather than closer to them. Today, we’re dissecting the deception that often accompanies wealth, but fear not, for there are faithful solutions to guide you past these pitfalls. By applying these faith-centered solutions, we can align our financial responsibilities with biblical values, fostering a healthy and faithful balance!

In this episode, John discusses:

  • From Matthew [13:22], we recognize the ‘deceitfulness of wealth’ and embracing faith-based solutions
  • The trap of overconsumption and unraveling the link between greed and false happiness
  • Identifying financial schemes and cultivating discernment
  • Nurturing career growth without sacrificing your most important relationships

Key Takeaways:

  • Acknowledge the potential for deception in pursuing wealth, learning from past mistakes, and recognizing false promises, emphasizing the importance of not falling into the same traps twice.
  • Recognize common examples of wealth deceit, including overconsumption, get-rich-quick schemes, and over-pursuit of career, advocating for discernment, seeking trusted advice, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance as remedies.
  • Cultivate financial discernment, consult with trustworthy advisors, integrate faith and family priorities into career decisions, and stay vigilant against financial scams to protect oneself from the pitfalls of wealth.
  • Find joy in giving back, sharing resources with others, and experiencing the blessings that come from selfless generosity, emphasizing that true wealth lies in a spirit of giving and gratitude.

“My encouragement to you is for you to remain diligent in addressing these real challenges with these faith-centered solutions that I’ve shared. Because they are essential for maintaining a healthy and Godly balance between your financial responsibilities, your spiritual values, and the faith-aligned plans that you are walking through on your own faithful financial journey.”

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