101 – 2 Ways Your Current Money Choices Can Keep you From Making your BEST Money Choices – Part 1


In this first part of a two-part episode, I’m anchoring into scripture for how your money choices can distance you from making a choice that is best for you.

No, it’s not a riddle.

I’ll explore this very real and thought-provoking paradigm through four common choice categories plus the related practical steps and strategies you need to help you faithfully align your money choices. Please join us on this two-part podcast to break free from distractions and discover your personal path to faithful financial stewardship.

In this episode, John discusses:

  • How our actions can either help or hinder our financial success
  • Discovering the fallacy of endless hustle in achieving goals
  • Four common categories of financial cares that can hinder your best money decisions
  • Overcoming these financial cares to make better money choices

Key Takeaways:

  • Your current money choices might be preventing you from making the best financial decisions, similar to how working harder and longer doesn’t always lead to better work results.
  • The cares of the world, such as financial anxiety, materialism, comparison, and excessive materialism, can position you from making faithful money choices.
  • To combat these distractions, embrace strategic practices like budgeting, simplicity, gratitude, generosity, community, and serving others.
  • You can make progress to eliminate money worries and distractions, allowing you to focus on faithful financial stewardship.

“My prayer for you is that the worry, the anxiety, the cares of the world would become largely gone in your quest for faithful financial stewardship. It can be hard to get our head around the idea that your money choices may actually be getting in the way and distancing you or totally distracting you away from the truth and wisdom that you need to make better faithful money choices that you want to make.”

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